What Is Believed to Have Caused the Extinction of Dinosaurs?

Topics: Dinosaur, Volcano, Triassic Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 3, 2012
Long before the humans inhibited the Earth and called it home, there were much stronger and vicious creatures that called lived amongst the land: the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have lived and evolved on the Earth from the late Triassic Period to the end of the Cretaceous Period for more than 185 millions years until they became extinct, but the disappearance of such creatures is an enigma that has indulged scientists for well over a century. We find the fossilized remains of giant reptiles all over the planet, yet we do not see any of these giant reptiles alive today. An assortment of theories has been proposed to this day as to why this mysterious disappearance occurred, some realistic and some not so believable.

Two popular hypotheses that have been offered to explain such annihilation are the “Impact Event Hypothesis” and the “Massive Volcanism Hypothesis”. The first proposition explains that one or more gigantic asteroid crashed into the Earth at approximately 100,000 kilometres per hour which would obliterate anything within a 500 kilometre radius. This impact would have caused global atmospheric changes such as forest fires, severe storms, poor air quality, tidal waves and the elimination of sunlight which destroyed the dinosaurs. The fires would burn off vegetation and emit large amounts of carbon dioxide which sequentially cause acid rain and major temperature drops. Given such conditions, even such powerful creatures like the Dinosaurs, it would be extremely unlikely for them to survive. The biggest issue is the elimination of sunlight because such circumstances would kill plants due to the decrease of photosynthesis, which will then lead to starvation of the herbivores that fed off them, and ultimately directing to the death of the carnivores who fed off of the carcasses.

The second theory, “Massive Volcanism Hypothesis,” blames the intense volcanism for their demise. This presumption concludes that the dinosaurs were wiped out by vast amounts of...
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