What Is an Organisation?Why Are Managers Important?

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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An organization is a social arrangement such as a club, society, union, business which has the main purpose to achieve performances through an organized environment. The people who are part of this organization they usually have in common a goal to achieve or are a part of a mechanism which under a certain control have to reach for a common goal. The managers are important because they are the leaders of the team and they are responsible for the good development,environment,the bound between people and the act of achieving before the deadline at the best value and the best quality in the best time of the object of the project.They are responsible for planning,organizing, managing the human resources,leading, resourcing and as a general fact creating the best environment(energetic,optimistic) for people involved. From my point of view I think a manager is important because as a leader you have the opportunity to change peoples life,way of thinking and acting, help people organize and discover new skill or improve the ones they are already aware.You can also have the power to set your own example to help the others to improve.Also all the changes that occur in someone's work life will reflect in his personal life so the impact a manager has is more important that people are usually aware of.I our busy era most of us spend more time at work than with the family so the impact created is more to be considered. As a conclusion an organization could not exist without a manager/leader to hold the strings of the best organizing, to be the key of a working mechanism, the bound between all the interior components and the diplomatic link with the exterior.
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