What Is an Ohp Sheet?

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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FASID Seminar on Cooperation among NGOs / NPOs, Official Aid Agencies, and Private Corporations towards Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries 1. Date: September, 18th, 2008, 15:15-16:45 2. Venue:FASID Seminar Room #1 (5th Floor) 3. Presented by: Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali (Managing Director, Brac Enterprises & Chairman, Brac Bank Limited) 4. Theme: NGO & Private Sector Partnership; BRAC’s experience in business, in partnerships & future opportunities and prospects 5. Brief content of Presentation BRAC BRAC Bangladesh is one of the largest, diverse and most innovative NGOs in the world with operations in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and Afghanistan. BRAC aims to empower the poor to become more than passive recipients of financial aid. We strive to assist them in making a difference and become an integral part of their society.. By doing so we wish to empower them, so that they are able to do things for themselves and escape the exploitative process that exclude them from participating in economic activities and keep them isolated in perennial poverty. Then, BRAC has five core programme, economic development, health, education, social development, and human rights & legal services programme. In order to empower the poor, it is essential to promote integrated process that include microfinance, health, and education. For example, BRAC education programme, which aims at preparing the future generation, reaches out to 1.15million children and has already 3.8million graduates. The cost of this programme per child is a mere US$18, which is much less than an adult in developed countries spends in a day.

BRAC’s experience in partnership with the Private sector - Healthcare; Partnership with Pharmaceutical Co/Private Clinics/Toiletries co./Foundry BRAC trains volunteers of health related activities, for example, ‘Shastho Shebikas (SS)’ who work in villages to raise people’s awareness of prevalent diseases,...
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