What Is an Educated Filipino

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  • Published: August 4, 2012
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What is an educated Filipino?
-Francisco Benitez-

What is an educated Filipino and what qualities should distinguish him today?

The conception of education and of what an educated man is varies in response to fundamental changes in the details and aims of society. In our country and during this transitional stage in our national life, what are the qualities which an educated man should possess?

Great changes have taken place in the nature of our social life during the last forty years. The contact with Americans and their civilization has modified many of our old social customs, traditions, and practices, some for the worse and many for the better.

With this growth of national consciousness and national spirit among our people, we witness the corresponding rise of a new conception of education- the training of the individual for the duties and privileges of a citizen not only for his own happiness and efficiency, but for national service and welfare as well.

In the light of social changes, we come to the question: What qualities should distinguish the educated Filipino of today? I venture to suggest that the educated Filipino should first be distinguished by the power to do. The Oriental excels in reflective thinking; he is a philosopher. The Occidental is a doer; he manages things, men, and affairs. The Filipino of today needs more of this power to translate reflection into action.

The power to do embraces the ability to produce enough to support oneself and to contribute to the economic development of the Philippines. Undoubtedly, a man may be, and often is, an efficient producer of economic goods and at the same time he may not be educated. But should we consider a man who is utterly unable to support himself and is an economic burden to the society in which he lives educated merely because he possesses the superficial graces of culture? Useful social participation may take the form of any of the valuable services rendered to...
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