What Is American

Topics: Harvard Business School, Leadership, Organizational studies Pages: 20 (4402 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Technology Management
Course Outline MG 6013 Organizational Behavior
Spring 2013
Anne-Laure Fayard
Thursdays: 5:30 to 8:00 PM – JAB 777

To contact professor: alfayard@poly.edu
Dibner Library Building, 4th floor
Phone: 718-260-4080
Office hours: By appointment

Course Description
The purpose of this course is to increase your effectiveness in understanding and leading behavior in organizations. The course provides you with the opportunity to learn from other course participants, learn from readings (whether inside the course readings or available from external sources), learn from corporate examples, and, above all, learn to think deeply about how you can act to lead people, groups and corporations so that they are more successful and add value to the world in which we live.

To be an effective leader, one needs to develop some specific skills but one also needs to understand the context in which one lives, works and interacts. Thus, during the course, we will not only discuss the individual skills you need to have in order to manage people and work in high-performing teams, but we will also try to understand the organizational context – e.g. organizational culture, how to introduce and manage change in organizations. This course addresses fundamental management issues, drawing on concepts from the behavioral and social sciences and current organizational research. The course includes reading, case analysis, interactive exercises, class discussion, a team report and presentation, and a group exam. These experiences serve as reflective exercises for you. Use them to challenge yourself and your classmates to become more effective leaders.

Course Objectives
1. Introduce current concepts and principles from social science to leadership issues in
2. Apply these concepts to personal and work situations.
3. Provide opportunities to participate in and learn about team work.
4. Allow you to examine your own behavior and beliefs about leadership and managerial
behavior and to contrast, debate, and integrate these ideas with the theories and observations
of others.

Course Structure

This course is based on a mix of case discussions, exercises and lectures. It requires active participation of the students.

Structure of a Class Meeting
Although classes will vary, most class meetings will include a case discussion or in-class experiential exercise and a short lecture on the day’s topic. You should be familiar with the main points of each of the readings in addition to preparing for case discussion.

Synopsis Of Class Sessions And Assignments

Session 1: Introduction: Becoming a leader
Communication exercise due

Session 2: The role of individual differences in guiding behavior
Cognitive styles self assessment due

Session 3: Team work and group processes
Team profile and contract due
Kilmann-Thomas conflict style questionnaire due

Session 4: Social Influence in Group
→ Preparation for this session includes viewing the film 12 Angry Men

Session 5: Communication and feedback

Session 6: Rewards and incentives

Session 7: Managing work

Session 8: Negotiating: Concepts and Skills for Success

Session 9: Diagnosing the organization

Session 10: Managing with Power
Team contract revised

Session 11: Organizational Culture

Session 12: Managing Across Cultures
In my backyard presentation...
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