What is alternative therapy??

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What is alternative therapy??
Alternative therapies, also known as complementary therapies, are any kind of practice whose goal is to improve, maintain and promote good health. This natural practice works with your own body as a whole, using the body’s own abilities to heal itself. These methods stem from traditional western medicine practices and incorporate different holistic and cultural beliefs.

Three Main Types
There are three main types of alternative therapies that we are going to discuss today, they include: * Acupuncture
* Herbal medication (homeopathy)
* Mind-body (holistic)

* Homeopathy is an alternative therapy that is based around individualistic approaches to treatment. * This medical treatment treats the person as a whole, including their mind, spirit, physical being and even the social aspect of their life * The energy in the body as a whole needs to be balanced in order to stimulate the body’s self-healing response. If there is a negative vital response and this positive energy is interrupted or set off balance, than it could potentially lead to health problems. * Homeopathy was created in the 18th century in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann, MD. He is a chemist and physician who noted that: “substances that are specific for certain illnesses, cure or aid the body because they actually cause similar symptoms to the disease process they are being employed to treat”. This means that the body is given natural or herbal medicines that help the body to resolve its own disease. * Homeopathy involved the use of natural and herbal medications, these are a very important part of homeopathy * It can treat an extensive assortment of Skin conditions, Muscle stiffness, Digestive implications, Chronic pain, Depression, Hypertension and Cancer * This practice is based on traditional western and oriental medications * Homeopathy involves treatment over a lifetime as well as spiritual...
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