What Is Absenteeism?

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What Is Absenteeism?

By | November 2010
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What is absenteeism?Why does absenteeism takes place in many companies?absenteeism is that employees are being absent in the workplace with most negative reasons.It is one of the most mutual phenomenon that managers encounters as well.They must try to find different punitive measures to solve this matter.In addition,Serious non-attendence could detract reputation of enterprise or even lead to the company go bankrupt.So why are there massive numbers of emplyees still staying at home,not being productive and wasting companies money?It seems the majority of employees are absent from their work legitimately and unintentionally.However,there are actually at least two-third of neglect business in the workplace for several other excuses.As absenteeism is very prevalent in society today,I believe that absenteeism consequently from personal and workplace factors.Frequent absences can cost a great deal of money of the enterprise and make productivity worse.I’ll concentrate on the causations and influences of people who are not willing to be absent in the company,then I will move to the solutions in this essay.

The first personal cause of staying away from work may be people have to spend time to tackle accidents and illness. “ Chronic illness is a big cause for absenteeism as are accidents and personal problems.”(5 Things You Need to Know About Absenteeism,2009) “ In 2008, the Austrian Institute of Economic Research published its first report on absenteeism due to illness and accidents in Austria in 2007.”(Incidence of absenteeism due to illness and accidents,2008) People will stay at home for a few days instead of being present in the company if their cars are breakdown from accidentally matters.Anohter factor is the fact that people do need time to get better if they have a fever or an headache.Moreover,It is can be an appropriate reason that employees are allowed to take days off when they have serious illness.As A full recovery can make workers be prepared to...

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