What Inspires You About the Place You Call Home?

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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What inspires you about the place you call home?

Canada continues to be ranked as one of the United Nation’s top countries for high standards of living and education. I am amazed at all of the cultures choosing Canada for their education. I think that many people chose Canada because we are very accepting of different cultures and we are prepared to give international students a chance to expand their knowledge. Going to school in Canada also helps many international students learn English, which is an important language to know. Many people say that Canada is “the land of opportunity” which is true on so many levels. In our educational we provide so many decisions that people can choose from. The governments also help students with the financial problems and are fairly good about giving out loans and having them paid back. The Canadian health care system is based on the social system of providing health care to all people with options. They also have a more individual health care for those who wish to spend additional funds. In Canada this is done through health insurance plans that are for all Canadian citizens. Canadian medical care has some of the best doctors in the world, and most of these doctors are available to anyone regardless of income. In Canada we feel that we need to pursue our values internationally as well as at home. The people that we share our values with will now that Canada is a safe, concerned, caring, free, multicultural country. Canada cannot be represented by one ethnic group, one religion, one food, or one anything! It is a 'mosaic' (meaning something with of a number of things of different types, forms, or colors), place where people from different places and cultures have come together to create a unique community where all cultures are appreciated and accepted. Canada has a beautiful array of environments. We are so lucky as to have such marvellous scenery. We have beautiful mountains for skiing and winter sports that have been...
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