What Inspires Courage

Topics: Iliad, Achilles, United States Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: September 27, 2012
What Inspires Courage?
Why do some people manage to act despite their fears and doubts, and others become paralyzed by them? The answer is courage: that magical quality that turns rocks into stepping stones, and obstacles into opportunities. By definition the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, or pain. A number of things of can inspire ones courage but I feel two major things trigger a person’s bravery. One is being put into a situation where something is not or doesn’t seem right. The second is seeing someone or something that you care about being mistreated or abused. I think that these are the most commonly seen inspirations of courage. It is evident in the world around us how people step out on a limb to protect friends and family. Not as often you see people who show courage by standing up for what’s right. People who passionate about what they feel or what that stand for are the people who have courage. The people who don't allow fear or worries to manifest their brain and control the decisions they make are the true courageous ones. The soldiers in Iraq have courage because they are serving the United States of America everyday just to protect the country from terrorists. The soldiers are protecting people who they haven't even met yet and it is all because they love America and feel strongly about it. They have courage because they are doing something that many could not even attempt to do. This example can be compared to the story of Beowulf. In the story Beowulf travels great distance to help kill a beast that had been terrorizing the town. It took a lot of courage to go and kill two beasts for a kingdom you aren’t a part of, as Beowulf did. Beowulf had the courage to fight for the kingdom 3 times, all of which killing the horrid monsters. The first two times I believe Beowulf was inspired because he knew that something had to be done because innocent people where being killed for no reason. His last battle...
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