What Influenced Joseph Haydn's Music

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  • Published : March 24, 2011
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Kevin Shahroozi
Dr. Prince
November 3, 2010

Research Paper

What Influenced Joseph Haydn’s Music

Joseph Franz Haydn was an amazing man. He was a very ambitious, hard working, a never give up type of guy. From what Louis Nohl said, Haydn started singing by age six and he was part of church choir. With all the fame and greatness, he would still achieve success coming from a poor family living in a peasant cottage. What really grabbed my attention was how Haydn loved practicing music and though with his many struggles Haydn always kept positive and a strong attitude. He would go against his family’s wishes along with starving himself throughout his youth to be part of music. Haydn taught me that do what you love to do and you will be great at doing what you love.

Haydn’s organization and neatness in his music comes from his childhood, where he was taught from an early age very strictly to have a habit of organization and cleanliness (Nohl 8). His family would also sing together at the end of each day and Haydn loved music so much that he would practice the violin with a little stick who a neighbor noticed he had precise time and tone during the age of only 5 at the time (Nohl). I believe he is very organized from the music I listen to from him, an example is his movement 2 in his symphony #22 where you can hear the order of the melodies he performs. Haydn’s influences also came when he was in Vienna starting in 1750. (Nohl, Hadden). Haydn would receive nothing but music into his life; from books, to people he lived with, and to places he went. One of the people he studied under, according to Nohl, was a teacher of Italian opera named Nicolo Porpora. The Italian opera dominated Europe during that time. Fluid melodies along with clear and simple harmonic structure were the main points of the school. There were many works of the Italian opera made for the Prince at that time. Haydn had to compose operas for special events including marriages for the prince’s neice and later for his son in 1777. With the new development in music that Haydn made, Nohl also states that Haydn improved in his singing, compositions, and his Italian. Accordingly, Haydn developed a more refined melody and clearer harmonies in his works.

Hadden shows that Haydn received many different types of musical influences; one being a poet by the name of Metastasio. Haydn had a lot of teaching and that strengthened his music skills and one of the students being taught the Harpsichord by him (Hadden). Haydn devoted himself to taking care of him self righteously, the Vienna Hofcappellmeister were his textbooks and he put them aside for weeks while continuingly reviewing them until he mastered them (Nohl 44). Haydn also played for Von Furnberg, the councilor at the time had Haydn compose him string quartets and gave him wonderful music for his chamber music. I think I learned a lot from Haydn not just from his music. It seems his success comes from his love for music and also his dedication to his work. I think anyone looking to become successful from a standpoint of low or middle class need to work very hard as Haydn did.

Haydn was very interested in making money. In their sources, Haydn looked to play for weddings, churches, teach music, and more. Therefore, money had a large influence on Haydn and his music; another instance was his position with the count in 1759 where he was positioned as the Director. The symphony at the time consisted of an allegro, adagio, and a second allegro, which is three movements. According to Nohl, part of the reason Haydn became symbolized as “The Father of Symphony” was because he transferred three movements to the quartet and added the minuet, which became the fourth movement. Unfortunately, Haydn married a woman who was bad for his health, it was the count’s eldest daughter and she continually complained, asked for purchases that were more than Haydn can afford, and in many instances offended...
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