What Impact Does Internet Have on Today’s Youth?

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What Impact does Internet have on Today’s Youth?

In our society, technology is ubiquitous. It helps a country to develop and make the life easier for those who use it. People are very influenced by the technology and they use it all the time such as internet which seduced almost all generations. In the excerpt “What’s the Matter with Kids today?” the author Amy Goldwasser disagrees with Doris Lessing who wrote the excerpt “On Not Winning the Nobel Prize”. They both see Internet in different ways.

Goldwasser sees internet as an opportunity to learn things; Whereas, Lessing thinks that internet is a waste of time

Goldwasser highlights the fact that thanks to the evolution of technology, we can all learn on internet. There is some information that you can only get on the internet and you won’t be able to get it anywhere else. Indeed, it’s a very convenient way to get some knowledge. In fact, people know more things now than years ago, they are more and more curious; They are not only focus on a specific topic. They know a lot about various subjects. Despite that some people still think that internet is only a way to communicate, it has a lot of functions and benefits that they still ignore. A tremendous part of the Americans are very good at texting, e-mailing and using the social network websites. Teenagers even know more than the oldest sometimes; They can manage political debates, talk about the business, exchange their point of view about many other topics. Moreover, they can choose how to get their information among these several ways such as radio, television, newspaper, internet. Besides, the internet is a good way to entertain oneself. Children really like Internet because it’s easy and it’s a fun way to learn. Again, they can get to do interactive lessons, quizzes and many more. Goldwasser is even making fun on the old school people who still think that children today don’t read and only care about their IPods such as Lessing who think that way. As...
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