What Impact Do These Changing Organisational Aims and Objectives Have on the Hr Function/Practitioners?

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Leading and facilitating change is the process of initiating and achieving the smooth implementation of change by planning and introducing it systematically, allowing for the possibility of it being resisted or at least misunderstood. Kotter (1996) emphasized the importance of leading change rather than simply managing it. [1]

Leading the change process is to manage and indeed initiate a culture change, providing the sure confidence and calm reassurance to staff at all levels within the organisation in order to successfully effect that change with as much buy-in across the board as possible. In many cases this is difficult, not least because even if something doesn’t work people will cling to it even if they can see it doesn’t work, simply because they are in their comfort zone and have ‘always done things this way’. There will be many different ways to reach different people, and the HR practitioner has to be sensitive and switched-on to these differing needs in communication.

It can be argued that the HR function should be ‘an agent of continuous transformation, shaping processes and a culture that together improve an organisation’s capacity for change’ [2]

Managing change to this extent involves: -

Correctly identifying where any change is required;
Articulating where and why changes should take place, and then why; •Analysing the benefits once change is implemented, and what the financial implications are; •Gauging issues and problems and risk the change and/or process of the change may engender; •Exhibiting qualities of the ‘decisive thinker’ as you persuade staff and management alike of the necessity of the change, presenting in a way all can understand what the benefits are, and suggesting ways in which problems can be addressed along the way; •Change implementation planning, the nomination and briefing of change agents, ensuring effective communication and involvement at all levels to minimise and potential resistance and to manage...
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