What If… Citizens Were Required to Vote.

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  • Published : June 18, 2011
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What If… Citizens Were Required to Vote.
Do you agree with the concept that every American should be required to cast a ballot? Why or why not? I both agree and disagree. I agree because I am sick of hearing the complaints of how this President or that representative has ruined the country. If everyone were required to vote then they would be responsible for the person they elected into office and for the outcome of that person’s time spent in office. I disagree because this country was founded on the basis of a free society. Moreover, to require people to vote takes away a freedom, however small it may be.

If citizens were required to vote, should they also be required to be well informed on the candidates and the issues? Explain your answer. I believe that they should be required to be informed. People would be mad at the fact that they are required to make the vote in the first place, that they might just check the first box to get the whole situation done and over with. If they were informed, they could at least make a validated decision based on what the candidates stand for and the issues at hand. It would also allow the public to easily impeach those elected officials who are not speaking for the citizens who voted them into office.

What are possible implications of such a change to the electoral system? Would this accomplish the reform’s goals or create unintended consequences? As I stated above, if the voter is not informed, than they might just check the first block on the ballot just for spite. I believe that, in a sense, it would create unintended consequences by that fact alone. If citizens were required to be informed than the reform would most certainly accomplish its intent by requiring every eligible citizen to vote.
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