What If Cinderella Isn't Beautiful

Topics: Cinderella, Brothers Grimm, Love Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: May 24, 2013
What if Cinderella isn’t beautiful
There are many different versions of Cinderella story. But the main plots, which the beautiful yet humble girl married high, never changes. Whether in Perrault’s version or in Brother Grimm’s version, or in Basile’s version, the heroin was descried as beautiful one who looked more charming than ever with splendid cloth. That is why the princes in Cinderella and Ashputtle and the king in The Cat Cinderella was obsessed with the girl at the first sight of her and insisted finding out who she was and taking her as wife. Their beauty really mattered a lot. What if they just have plain looking? Could they gain favors of prince or king or some other guys who might improve their state? The endings of those Cinderella stories will convert. In terms of beauty, Perrault stressed it in particular. He applied “beautiful” eight times to describe Cinderella directly, let alone the sentences which implied how beautiful Cinderella was. It seemed that the prince fell in love with Cinderella just for her outstanding looking in Perrault’s version. He stunned as other people in the ball when Cinderella appeared. He gazed her without eating anything on the “excellent supper”. He “would give up everything in the world to know who she was”. Thus if Cinderella isn’t that good looking, she will never be noticed by the prince and married him. What’s more, when Cinderella requested to have a try on the slipper, her stepsisters mocked at her. We can infer that the man on duty will laugh at her as well and refuse her proposal if Cinderella has a common face. Because in the tale, Perrault put it “the gentleman who was trying on the slipper looked closely at Cinderella and, seeing that she was very beautiful, said that her request was perfectly reasonable.” It is reasonable to turn down a dirty girl with average face and ugly cloth. Thanks for her beauty, or she missed the very chance and continued her miserable life. Some people may question that one girl...
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