What Happiness Means to Others

Topics: Love, Happiness, Nicomachean Ethics Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: February 19, 2013
What Happiness Means To Others
First person I interviewed on the concept of happiness is my friend, Ronnie Topete. He’s a great guy that I’ve met recently. He’s Native American and Latin by heritage and a very interesting individual to have discussions with. The last interview was Lori Michelle Thebarge, my 3rd oldest sister. She’s been one of my best friends as well. She’s a lot like myself, but when it comes to the small things, she’s ignorant. The interview with Ronnie, or “Soaring Eagle”, took on Aristotle’s way of thinking in The Nicomachean Ethics, stating that things that make life good is one that is valued for its own sake, and if it’s reached, nothing else is desired. I heard him speak lovingly of his girlfriend, Aurora. (Janaro, 2012) To Ronnie, Aurora, is the highest or final good for himself. He defined happiness as “being married to the perfect person (Aurora), having kids with that person, and hearing those children laugh and giggle”. He reached this point of view since meeting her. I was told that nothing was going his way, and that when he met her, things started to fall into place. So in her own way, she put things into perspective for him. She became his rock and his foundation. So in other words, she is his source of happiness. Since she was his happiness, he had achieved happiness. He grew increasingly happy since meeting Aurora. His views began to change, and his only cheer wasn’t in his material goods anymore. It was a human being. Aurora changed his outlook on life, increasing his joy and laughter, therefore making him happy. When I asked the question, “How would you assess happiness?” the conversation turned a little hedonistic. He was overcome with the pleasure of talking about nothing of Aurora; she consumed his every thought, feeling, need, etc. She was the only topic he brought up period. Conditions favoring happiness was once again his girlfriend Aurora. She was his love and laughter. His experiences were purely selfless...
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