What Happens When Sir Gawain Meets the Green Knight on New Year Day?

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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I think the overwhelming majority of laws at least in America do serve a purpose and should be obeyed. Of course we've all done our share of illegal U-turns and other minor offenses but the major felonies are felonies for a very good reason and it's not ok to break those laws. We've changed laws that were wrong such as not allowing black people the same freedoms that the rest of us have and I think there's probably a few laws still on the books in many states that shouldn't be there. I tried to Google strange laws still in effect in Tennessee and apparently it's still illegal for white people to marry black people although it's not enforced, I've seen plenty of mixed couples. They even have a law that states that people who've engaged in a duel cannot hold public office that one has probably been around a very long time. So when you consider the fact that there are laws on the books that should have been removed a long time ago it gives you a different perspective on the question.

Since the beginning of August, 32 openly gay young people have attempted to enlist in the military as part of the nationwide "Right to Serve" campaign. All 32 have been denied the opportunity to enlist. Several have been denied the chance to speak with recruiters at all, as military recruitment centers in New York, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, and elsewhere locked their doors in order to avoid confronting the federally-sanctioned discrimination of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
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