What Happened to Brandon Article Summary

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What Happened to Brandon?
What happened to Brandon? (The disappearance of the teen has sparked an outcry over a video game addiction) was written by Colin Campbell and Jonathon Gatehouse and posted on October 30, 2008. The article starts off with descriptive imagery of some sort of storm. The most disturbing line out of the first paragraph was, “ This is the spot where Brandon Crisp, a slight 15-year-old with dirty blonde hair and green eyes dropped his bike this place Thanksgiving Monday evening, it started with a walking and seemingly vanished into the chilly air.” This introduction was an attention getter and goes back to earlier that day before all of this stuff began. His parents threatened to take away his Xbox for good and Brandon ran away. Brandon was once a normal kid with good grades, a great brother, and even was an AAA goalie. But, this all changed, when he got hooked on playing The Call of Duty 4 on Xbox live with a list over 200 people that he played with. Brandon’s parents tried to work out a schedule for which he could play the game but it didn’t work for very long. On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, Brandon decided to skip school. His parents took the Xbox out of the house. He parents stated that they didn’t know how much they game meant to Brandon, it was his life, his identity. Police are still searching for him in near by fields; the question hangs heavier what happened to Brandon Crisp.

These video games and Internet connection we now have are becoming fatal, and people are even losing their lives over it. You can now be a video game addict and ever suffer from withdrawal. Experts are saying a void unplugging patients from their video games because of safety issues. Withdrawal might lead to aggressive anger, and may even go as far as the Columbine High School massacre. For example, a 40-year-old man from London got hooked on games and his life started to crash right in front of him. From the...
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