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What Happen to the Originals?

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What Happen to the Originals?

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"What Happen to the Originals?"
In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He is proclaimed to be the man to discover America, but someone beat him to it. Bjarni Herljufson, a Viking, and his crew found the land way before Columbus was born. The Viking left the land after seeing that it was already occupied by others. These people were the original discovers or natives of the land. They were the Native Americans. By America saying that Christopher Columbus discovered America, It is unfair to the Native Americas. This is one of the first ways of many that America has treated Natives.

There are many myths, legends, and stories of how, when the Native came to America or evolved here. First, the Natives have their own creation stories. Most have their very own way in explaining how the came into this earth. First, the scientists' rumor now of how Natives found there way to America is that the water dropped so low where Alaska and Russia meet. This allowed people to cross this land bridge. (infoplease) This theory believed that the people of Siberia were running out of food and water. They followed the game across the Bering Strait. This would say that these people walked over 1000 miles to even get to America. (Wikipedia) It seems like it is impossible for so many people to cross this land bridge with the distance they traveled and how cold it might have been due to the ice age.

Also, Natives have their own stories and legends. These are called creation stories. Every tribe tells its own story and how they tell it. Many of these stories have the same meaning. Most of them saying God is a very forgiving and helpful creator. This is not similar to the bibles creation story. In this story, God is vengeful and unforgiving.

Columbus Period
Christopher Columbus was a navigator and maritime explorer credited as the discoverer of the Americas. (Wikipedia) As stated before, Columbus was not the original founder of the Americas. Columbus' trip was in...

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