What Goes Around Comes Around

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  • Published : November 6, 2010
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My grandparents would always say “What goes around surely does come back around.” Looking back on my life I see that I have made many mistakes and majority due to my lack of patience and never listening to what my elders told me. If I had only listened to their words of wisdom and took into consideration what was being told to me, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. Coming

The first valuable lesson I learned was my ninth grade year of high school, when I cheated on the final test. I was making new friends who, luckily for me, could drive. I found myself going out a lot more than I probably should have but going out was a lot more fun than staying home and studying. My grandfather warned me to get focused in school, I told him not to worry because I always figured my way out but whatever he seemed to say always went in one ear and out the other. I started to come to school late everyday. If I did come on time, I would fall asleep in class. I missed a lot of homework and class activities. So, I was already behind the class before I even knew about it. I did not know what to do when the final was about to come, I was stuck in a bad situation, so I decide to take the short cut and cheat on the exam. Too bad I got caught and went through a lot of bad experiences with the teachers and school principal. Only then did I start to belief there was a little truth to what my grandfather had tried to teach me. It seemed like the lessons got tougher as I grew older. This time when my grandparents talked about “what goes around, comes around,” I started dating a lot around this age. According to females in high school, it is cool to have many boyfriends. You could say that I had a lot of boyfriends. I did not care about their feeling most of the time, I would break their hearts then hurt their feelings. Until one day, I met a boy and fell in love with him but he did not have any feelings for me. I put myself in the same position...
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