What General Revelation Does (and Does Not) Tell Us.

Topics: Protestant Reformation, New Testament, Christianity Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: July 15, 2013


VandenBerg, Mary L. "What general revelation does (and does not) tell us." Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 62.1 (2010): 16-24

THEO 525 LUO (summer 2013)

Systematic Theology I

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

May 27, 2013

The goal of this work is to exam and critique an article about Reformed theology, an area regarding the relationship between the physical world and the Bible, and discussing common misconceptions regarding the harmonization of the Bible and the natural world. This review will cover a quick summation of the article, followed by a critical analysis about its main ideas and points. The author, Mary Vandenberg, believes while the Reformed theological tradition’s basic idea of harmonizing the physical world and the Bible can be appreciated, there are some misconceptions about proper concordance between the two. Summary:

The author begins with an explanation of what the Reformed Tradition is, and why it is important. She continues by explaining his main point, that while the idea of concordance physical world and the Bible is a good one, there are problems specifically with how the two are in concordance with regards to the natural world, and with regards to God. She explores these ideas by examining the words of many different Reformists over the years, back to John Calvin of the 16th century. Using the words of John Calvin, she examines the idea that the revelation of God, as represented through both the natural world, and the Bible, must be viewed from the perspective of the Bible. She concludes with the key point that scientific findings should enhance our appreciation of God and the majesty of His creation, rather than undermine His authority. Critical Interaction:

The author’s main concern is with regards to the Reformed Tradition of theology. The development of science has divided Christians into two groups. There are those who wish to harmonize Christianity with...
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