What Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me Are Saying

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Comparison/Contrast D3
Old and New in Marriage
Imagine that one day your parents sit you down and tell you they have found your husband or wife. Believe it or not this is still reality for many people in the world. Indeed, it happened to my grandparents by their parents. However, marriage behavior and family life are changing. Young people are waiting later to marry, and couples are having fewer children in modern society. The many differences between modern marriage and old fashioned marriage are notable.

Old fashioned marriage in my grandparents’ views was a destined event for any family. There are three important viewpoints I want to mention that are different from my views about marriage. First of all, marriages were arranged by the parents for the groom and bride. For example, my grandfather was 19 years old and my grandmother was 16 years old when their parents decided to get them married. The fact that my grandparents didn’t know anything about each other made no difference. My grandparents couldn’t express their opinions about the marriage because their parents’ decision was law and they had to follow it. Therefore, they didn’t see each other before the wedding. Secondly, weddings were simple. In other words, my grandparents didn’t spend much money on their wedding. Generally, for a wedding, they just had a ceremony at the brides’ house and they stayed one day for a honeymoon after the wedding. In addition, they didn’t have to buy their own house at that time because they had to live with my grandfather’s parents in the same house. That’s the reason why my grandparents didn’t spend much money on their wedding. Finally, divorce wasn’t possible because the relationship was the most important thing to the family, even though they might have problems between them. They eventually had their own children and parents who needed care from them, so they had to take responsibility for their family. In addition, my grandparents lived in a...
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