What Factors Influence Students Use of Gym Facilities in Glasgow?

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What factors influence students use of gym facilities in Glasgow?


Aerobic exercise has turned from an urban fad to the center of medical orthodoxy in the last 20 years. The market for fitness has increased from £682m in 1996, £1.6bn in 2001 and is stable at £2.5bn now. There are a huge number of people, around 5.2 million, who have a membership of a private gym in the UK (Zoe 2011). After almost ten years of expansion, gyms and fitness centers has increased to a peak. Not only is this due to increased health-consciousness and concerns about appearance, but it is also driven by rising income levels. In 2012, gyms and fitness clubs in the United Kingdom have signed up over about 19% of the adult population, around 8.7 million gym members (SIC R93.130 2012).

Research in various countries has shown the benefits to people by having a good exercise habit. However, it is important to understand attitudes towards using the gym, as people now exercise indoors more often than outdoors. Working in a gym, is not a problem especially in the changeable weather of Glasgow (Michele 2006). Gyms can provide more than just swimming, fitness suites, exercise studios and changing rooms (GU sports center). They can provide some other reasons to exercise besides appearance or health and also help you to create new relationships by interacting with others in a social environment Michele 2006)

This research provides gym managers with an advantage as they are able to better understand and target their users. In the future, students could make up a large proportion of their new customers. The research is aimed at explaining the factors that influence the attitudes of students toward gym facilities. It also provides reader with knowledge of how to manage a gym. It will investigate the following research questions:

1. Does age or gender influence attitudes towards exercise?
2. What factors influence students’ use of gym facilities? 3. What attitude do students have towards use the facilities?

Annotated Bibliography

Andrews. G. J, Sudwell. M. I, Sparkes. A. C (2004). Towards a geography of fitness: an ethnographic case study of the gym in British bodybuilding culture. Elsevier Ltd, 60, 877-891

The article discusses the issues on the topics related to gym’s life and bodybuilding, and was focused on a detailed case study of geographical research on fitness. The research was conducted in Roy’s gym, and was published in two separate journals. One focused on interpreting people through their actions and activities in the gym. The other was reserved for his own personal reflections on his own activities, interactions and related methodological issues.

The result of this article includes relevant information for this research. The research shows that the gym has a larger role than just a space for bodybuilding or physical settings. Most important is that activities, ritual and rules of body building affect the gym become more complex in social construction. The research gives us important relevant information of members’ attitude toward gym facilities. However, the research was too limited as it was only conducted in one gym. And it does not clearly explain how students feel about the gym facilities.

Pascual. C, Regidor. E, Martinez. D, Calle. M. E, Dominguez. V (2008). Socioeconomic environment, availability of sports facilities, and jogging, swimming and gym use. Elsevier Ltd, 15, 553-561

This article discusses the importance of the availability of facilities in the gym and the relationship between socioeconomic environments, focusing on people jogging and swimming at the gym, how they use it and how they feel about the facilities. Research was done in this article is the socioeconomic environment affects people using the gym. The article is based on previous investigations and gives the conclusion.

This article offers vital analysis...
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