What Factors Influence High School Students in Choosing Cram School in Thailand

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From the information and research provided in the three journals: [J1, “What Factors Influence High School Students in Choosing Cram School in Thailand?”], [J2, “Who and What Influences Choice of University Perceptions?”.], [J3, “The Determinants of the Choice of University by Foreign Business Student in South Africa”] we have come to an understanding that education sector is booming and is a vital industry for the development and prosperity of the nations and the people living in it but in this modern era it also requires modern and effective marketing strategies in order to thrive in the competitive world of education sector amongst variant universities all over the world . Education today is an important and compulsory insignia in our societies especially in those parts of the world where it has not evolved with time as it should have been. It is also a growing industry in all parts of the world starting from kindergarten to the tertiary level. Parents and students today are much more awarded than they used to be few decades ago and realize the significance of a good education in their lives and how a good education from a reputed and well placed university can help them prosper in their professional careers. The education industry in Thailand is growing rapidly, both the government and the people want to invest in this rapidly growing sector the demand for institutions has increased and so has the competition between these academic institutions. According to the Office of the Private Education Commission, 1,243 tutorial schools across the country in 2009 increased 1,078 tutorial schools in 2007. Students today are not relying on the orthodox methods of choosing a college or university for themselves and the tertiary education providers are now developing and opting for more influential sources to attract international students. South Africa has come very far in developing new strategies and providing a state of the art education system to attract foreign students and to encourage them to opt for their universities. Today the universities in South Africa with the assistance of their government are successful to some extent to scoop a handsome amount of international students from the international market segment where it is facing competition with other education lords like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It has to keep on developing and introducing modern and innovative techniques and strategies to attract international students who now not only rely on the education standard but also other factors relating to their studies in an international institute. The marketing done to expand the number of students in a particular university is itself an independent field in this era and the universities have to come up with something extra ordinary and exclusive ideas in order to charm the students who think of getting a modern and more “global” education experience. (Word count: 470)


The J1 looks for the factors which are influence students in choosing cram school in Thailand. Thus, research methodology in this journal includes a Likert scale consisting of 5 levels, ranging from Level 1 for unimportant to Level 5 for most important to investigate these factors. This kind of research considered as quantitative method. The sample population is comprised of high school students in cram schools at Wannasom Tower. The sample size is 396 students of which 198 are junior high school students and 198 are high school students collected from the questionnaires. The main objective of the Mann-Whitney U test was to determine the differences of importance between junior and senior high school at the statistically significant level of 0.05. The data collection method is a process that is systematic and objective in its ways of using numerical data...
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