What Factors in Germany Helped Enable Hitler to Rise to Power?

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazism Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: October 25, 2012
What factors in Germany helped enable Hitler to rise to power?

After the First World War, Germany was devastated due to the unattainable demands of the Treaty of Versailles. The hyperinflation in Germany was out of control leading to Germany becoming a very distraught nation that needed hope to look up to after the depression. The conditions in Germany at the time, lead to a nationwide desperation. These conditions were of great benefit for Hitler to take advantage and to succeed in the infamous accomplishments he has achieved. Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party was a radical right-winged party who had followers from a variety of social classes. At the early years of the party in the early 1920’s the party had a main target of attracting the lower working class. And at the time, the working class formed 54% of the complete German population. This made it possible for Hitler to become chancellor in 1933. One of the many reasons for the Nazi party becoming so popular was they’re racially based nationalist doctrine. Hitler made many speeches in front of thousands with reference to the German sharing a common race, building a cultural heritage of those whom were ‘racially pure’ and those were called ‘Aryans’. These Aryans were to be treated equal in every way regardless of their social class. For the working class, this was they’re opportunity to receive that social equality and justice they have been yearning for. Despite the fact that the Party only started off by attempting to attract working class communities, the middle class population also had they’re reasons to support this radical right-winged party. The Middle class feared the communist revolution occurring at the time because they would most likely refuse to share they’re wealth for financial equality so it would only be impractical not to support the party with the opposite views. Other things the Nazi party did to gain popularity was when the Depression was at it’s worst, that was...
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