What Factors Do You Think Make Some Organizations Ineffective at Managing Emotions?

Topics: Management, Emotion, Organization Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Submit your posts to the Case Study Discussion for Module 3. Read the Case Incident 1, "Is It Okay to Cry at Work" on p. 124 of your textbook. Post a response to one of the questions listed at the end of the case study that has not been previously addressed by another group member. This initial posting is due by February 8, 2013 at 11:30 pm CST. Next, respond and build on a posting made by two of your group members. This follow- up postings are due by February 10, 2013at 11:30 pm CST. The rubric for grading this assignment can be viewed in the syllabus and your grade will appear in the 'Grades' section of Blackboard. Questions

2.Do you think the strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect employees, or does covering your true emotions at work lead more problems than it solves? 3.Have you enter worked where emotions were used as part of a management style? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of this approach in your experience. 4.Research shows that acts of co-workers (37 percent) and management (22 percent) cause more negative emotions for employees than do acts of customers (7 percent). What can Laura’s company do to change its emotional climate? 1.What factors do you think make some organizations ineffective at managing emotions? There are many factors that make organizations ineffective with managing emotions in the workplace. Human beings complex thinking is one of the factors that make the organizations hard to manage the emotions. Every person is different and has his/her own emotions (Robbins 2013, p. 160). Each person may not act in the same way in a same situation due to cultural background (Robbins 2013, p. 162). Therefore, organizations face difficulties when they are dealing with their employee’s emotions. This is becoming a problem when the organization is very large and contains many employees from different background. In addition, sometimes the top managers of the organization cannot control their own emotions as well. On the...
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