What Factors Did Fama and French Examine That May Explain Stock Returns?

Topics: Hutchison Whampoa, Canning Fok, Cheung Kong Holdings Pages: 4 (1047 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Executive summary

This is Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) strategy investment covered different aspects respectively. In the project, first introduce the HWL’s Background. Understand the core of business it has. Then show table of financial ratio and Earnings Summary in 5 years (2007-2012). Review 2007 year earnings summary. Since HWL amount of income is come from Husky energy. It is also strategy investment of Hutchison Whampoa Limited. Then introduce background of the Husky Energy. After that, analysis Husky Energy investment project in June 2007. Decide should be investment or not. The project is acquisition of the refinery from Valero Energy Corporation in 2007. At the end, make a conclusion and review the performance from Investment project.

Background of HWL

Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL, Hong Kong stock: 0013), is a renowned businesses employ a quarter million people in 52 countries across the world. (The information comes from HWL web). Embraces businesses in Hong Kong, Mainland China, United Kingdom, Thailand and so on. The core businesses: ports and related services, telecommunications and e-commerce, real estate and hotels, retail and manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, finance and investment

HWL- Earning summary in 2007
Firstly, by the year ended 31 December in 2011, HWL Net asset value HK$ 72.7160million. Total revenue was HK$308,775 million, net profit growth was 52.77%. EBIT was 64260. 2007 is the highest yield was 3.21% in recently 5 years. The profitability attributable to shareholders was HK$30,600 million, earning per share was HK$7.1800 million; Dividend per share was HK$1.7300 million. The Current ratio was 1.32 that means short-term solvency was strength. HWL have amount of investment project. The Long term Equity was 87.93%. It was a bit higher. About Return on equity (ROE) was 9.87% the performance petty well. And the ROCE was 3.83%. ( Table of earning summary and financial ratio at the back.)

HWL core...
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