What Factors Determine the Success of a Pressure Group?

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What factors determine the success of a pressure group?
Pressure groups are organisations which seek to influence the government to make or change policies or legislation. They tend not to seek political power or put candidates up for elections. Supporters suggest that there are many factors which may determine the success of pressure groups. Supporters suggest that there are many factors which may determine the success of a pressure group. Success is gauged in three main forms; demand acceptance where the group gains full success. Then there is demand compromise when the group doesn’t get the full decision they want and therefore have to “compromise” and finally there is no decision where there is a stop in the decision being made at all. A Pressure groups chances may well depend on four main variables; group aims, group resources, groups status and how they fulfil these criteria’s. Insider pressure groups such as WWF are known as core insiders as they tend to work closely with the government. Supporters have suggested that pressure groups like the “National Farmers Union” and the “British Medical Association” have the “ear of the government” which increases their chances of success alongside their regular contact with the government. Many agree that insider groups tend to be successful due to their main stream goals and traditional methods such as letter writing, petitions and public campaigns. Pundits argue that success is based upon financial leverage. It could be argued that “The City” has a great influence due to financial leverage which can affect chancellor’s policy formulation on Taxes. (An example of this is the city opposing the idea of Tobin Tax). The pundits also argue that political; consultants can give their expertise in terms of lobbying which will have an impact on the pressure groups success. Critics believe that outsider groups like “OUTRAGE” do not have the ear of government therefore their success comes down to their social leverage and...
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