What Expansion of Network Services and Benefits Might the Library Achieve?

Topics: Ethernet, Computer network, Gigabit Ethernet Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: April 29, 2012
What expansion of network services and benefits might the library achieve?

I think the library can achieve a greater freedom in offering the Wi-Fi for its patrons. By going with a wireless setup ads opposed to a hard line makes sense from a practical point. Why is it cheaper and better for a wireless? For one thing many people have their laptops or IPhones with them and can very easy connect to the Wi-Fi___33 being offered. If you hardwire a system you tend to have a backup of people waiting to use the computer thus ensuring a time limit on them. What LAN protocol and related transmission speed are most appropriate for the local libraries: Ethernet, fast Ethernet, or gigabit Ethernet? Fast Ethernet - To allow for an increased speed of transmission, the Ethernet protocol has developed a new standard that supports 100 Mbps. This is commonly called Fast Ethernet. Fast Ethernet requires the use of different, more expensive network concentrators/hubs and network interface cards. In addition, category 5 twisted pair or fiber optic cable is necessary. Fast Ethernet is becoming common in schools that have been recently wired. Gigabit Ethernet - The most recent development in the Ethernet standard is a protocol that has a transmission speed of 1 Gbps. Gigabit Ethernet is primarily used for backbones on a network at this time. In the future, it will probably be used for workstation and server connections also. It can be used with both fiber optic cabling and copper. The 1000BaseTX, the copper cable used for Gigabit Ethernet, is expected to become the formal standard in 1999. What topology is most appropriate for the LANs and the WAN? What are their merits? Either the bus or the star would work for the library system. I like the star because it is easier to maintain than a bus network, a star network has the following advantages 1. It is very easy to install and to manage.

2. It is very easy to trouble shoot any problems.
3. When you add new machines it is...
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