What Events Make a Person an Adult?

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Some people might think that the graduation of high school makes a person an adult. Others think that the age of 21 is a good standard to show the grown-ups identity legally. However, in my opinion, I believe that get a job and graduate from colleges or universities are the most important events to become an adult.

First, getting a job is the ability to earn the own money and gives a person much more opportunities to live independently. Besides, I think the first job is a very crucial experience in person's life and it has a great impact on the personality. On the other hand, how to manage the expenses and to save the money are the other skills to live like adults, which are more important things to be.

Second, it is the graduation from a college or university that leads to a person make an adult. The reason I think it is essential replacement the childhood to adulthood is that this means the beginning of a new life with more responsibilities. For example, I was graduated form my university, after decide to study abroad, I come to United States alone and start my preparation to apply for graduate schools. These experiences such as rent a apartment by myself and handle every details of my life, all leads me the way to become an mature adult.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that these two events make a person an adult can be continued. Especially when people or a person facing the totally differences life form the past, such as getting a new job and graduate from schools. And also I believe these situations will usually make people become more independent and more responsible in the future, most importantly, transit to an adult.
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