What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained Written by Robert L. Wolke

Topics: Understanding, Explanation, Scientific method Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The book, “What Einstein Told His Cook – ‘Kitchen Science Explained’”, written by Robert L. Wolke, was released in 2002, and was first published as a Norton in 2008, talks about the kitchen science and cooking. Wolke makes cooking much easier by associating science knowledge behind cooking and simplifying that science knowledge. The way that this book is structured to explain kitchen science is that it is divided into four parts: ingredients, taste and preservatives, cooking methods, refreshments, and cooking tools. The book is set up into a question and answer structure, where a question is placed in the chapter it falls into, and is answered in depth. Overall the book was good, and humorous. It was reader friendly, easy to understand, and people should be compelled to read this book. Who does not like food? Even if some people have difficulty cooking, if the science behind the cooking is understood, then kitchen science should be somewhat simplified. This is what compelled the group to read this book.

“What Einstein Told His Cook” does not have thesis directly shown to readers. In fact, there is a main overarching idea that has to be realized, which is that the book is trying to explain kitchen science. Aside from that, it is an abridgement of facts of different topics related to cooking and food. This book looks at topics such as fat, temperature, salt, sugar (sweetness) in each chapter, explaining topics in half to two subheadings while answering a particular question such as, “Why is meat red?”, “What are trans fat?” etc. While there is knowledge to be gained – particularly on microwaves and how they work – it is ultimately a book that is better as reference than to read all the way through. Now that being said, it is an entertaining and interesting book nonetheless.

As it was said before, the book is separated into four parts: ingredients, taste and preservatives, cooking methods, refreshments, and cooking tools. The following part will talk about the...
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