What Effect Does Tourism Have on Jamaica in Relation to Social Friction and Environmental Degradation

Topics: Tourism, Cruise ship, Jamaica Pages: 12 (4000 words) Published: December 2, 2012
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Jason Baugh
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Research Question: What effect does tourism have on Jamaica in relation to Social Friction and degradation on Natural Resources, specifically in the towns of Montego Bay and Trelawney? Topic Areas: Tourism, environmental degradation, social integration, cultural diffusion, development, globalization.

Table of Contents
Jamaica’s Hotel Industry6
Problem with Investors8
Cruise Tourism11
Jamaica’s Investment in Cruise Tourism13
Trelawney as a Capitol City15
Integrating tourists and social friction17

Jamaica is a much sought after tourist destination and has a booming tourist industry that is second to almost none. With our large musical influence around the world as well as being known as a home for Rastafarians outside of Ethiopia there are more than enough reasons to visit Jamaica.

With a rocky economy, tourism is a necessity for Jamaica to develop and grow and earn more money. Development of hotels and facilities for increased visits from other countries, Jamaica relies more than ever on its natural resources that it is known for.

Jamaica is accessible by air and water and caters to the contributors of over 50% of our GDP. But with the amount of people visiting, our country is susceptible to a number of problems resulting in an over

To truly understand whether or not our islands natural resources are being degraded and if the nationals are being exploited or becoming violent and unlawful or experiencing trouble from the investments and developments in relation to tourism, we need to look at what is being done for the development of that sector and the level of tourism Jamaica receives.

There are damages occurring to the environment as a result of the many activities that are now being instituted to raise funds that are generated by foreign investment and tourism. The pollution and degradation of the land comes from the building of larger buildings and increased water activity. Although these facilities are causing harm, through government legislations and application and abide to conservation laws that have been put in place over the years to facilitate and match the rate at which they are depleting.

This essay will look at the all of the tourist aspects of Jamaica. This means that it will need to focus the research on the northern coast of the island because it contains most of the tourism attractions and accommodation development on the island.

Tourism is a means of globalization, opening countries to the knowledge outside of their own. Jamaica is a widely famous and known location for tourists to visit, giving it a famous reputation that precedes itself on many occasions. With tourism, there are both good effects and bad effects. With tourism being Jamaica’s main source of income, the resources exploited are under constant use and mean that they stand to suffer the most and experience negative effects from constant interaction.

The main focus of the essay will be on the towns of Trelawney and Montego Bay. These two areas are undergoing a large amount of development and an increase in the amount of visitors that are being received. As mentioned above, there are several negative side effects and each of them is present in both of these areas of Jamaica

Jamaica’s Hotel Industry
Jamaica’s location geographically is the main attributor to its fame. Being of a tropical climate, the island attracts the type of people that are seeking a type of holiday that includes activities based around the natural resources that the island has to offer. Activities as such include tree top tours, river rafting, and coral snorkeling, anything that interacts with the exotic plant and animal life....
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