What Dramatic Devices Were Used in the Inspector Calls?

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  • Published : November 25, 2010
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A little help with Analyse of The Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly. Detailed explanations of Dramatic devises used, backing quotes in an essay format.

Within the play An Inspector Calls J.B Priestly uses numerous dramatic devises to get across his message of moral, class and political influence. In this essay I am going to explore and illustrate some key and subtle points in act one and further, of these themes of which Priestly works towards to influence the audience and finds himself involved in.

The first hints of his central themes are imposed when J.B describes the scene and setting of the first act. An immediate perception is given off towards the audience of ‘heavily comfortable house.’ With this being a place of constant setting, a reflection of real time and naturalism is released. The lighting prescribed for the scene also creates the mood of the play. Priestly states within his stage directions the lighting should be ‘pink and intimate’ prior to the inspector arrives a shaded glow of rose tint then should grow ‘brighter and harder’. In context and example of these stage directions are as pursued. ‘The dining room of a fairly large suburban house, belonging to a prosperous manufacturer. It has good solid furniture of the period. At the moment they have all had a good dinner, are celebrating a special occasion, and are pleased with themselves.’

Subtly is added to the atmosphere presented to the audience when the notion of not all is as it seems is suggested. Initially the ambience obtained appears slightly forced. This is exemplified trough the mannerism of Eric’s nervousness, Shelia’s unknowing curiosity of Gerald’s whereabouts the previous summer and the reasons behind Gerald’s parents, Lord and Lady Croft, for not attending the engagement dinner. The spectators of the play may be stimulated due to the use of this dramatic devise, of the unknowing, indefinite being implied on what should be a comfortable scene, this works because of natural...
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