What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger

Topics: Bullying, Joke, English-language films Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: April 26, 2010
Survival is a word that has a pretty basic meaning, “To continue existence” I the name from Microsoft Office, there is really nothing to argue about. As I remember Living at 528 N. Bayard Ave; the only way you could live is if you had thick skin. Our definition of thick skin was being able to takes joke and being bullied without crying or running and telling Aunt Sabrina what happened. My cousin Darnell and I would play as much jokes on my sister Desiree and cousin Ruby. Every since I was younger I could remember everyone I know had jokes. Everyone was made fun of, and the only you made it through it is you had to get back at them by a joke or a prank believe that through all the jokes and pranks I am able to not be so offended by the little things people do to bother me and shaped me into a stronger person. I believe in the social world if someone does an act to diminish your character and you don’t shutdown and go in to social isolation then you have thick skin. In this paper I will argue that with more details that when it comes to the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is the main key is survivalin a social aspect the saying is true. Living in most urban neighborhoods with as many as fifty young children of all ages for all my life you are bound to get teased by someone; especially if you are not the best dresser or have the coolest sneakers on, or the most money. You have to be able to bend and not break. I can remember a time where I was the butt of all jokes but since I didn’t let anything make me go under a rock. These experiences allow me to one a day to be the joke maker and not be subjected to being that weak loser. I can remember a being in Tenth grade at Overbrook High School. Every day I would go into Biology class and we would tell momma jokes so like three kids would gang up and talk about my mom; at this age being 16 I was already prepared since all the encounters in my past that helped me I this situation. That’s the only I made...
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