What Does Your Heart Tell You

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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“What does your heart tell you?”
Do I have company in the living room when I am watching one of my girly movies? Please. I’m sitting there alone (unless I have some girl-friends over). But with “She’s the Man” males were present watching it and enjoying it. Amanda Bynes strives to prove a point that girls can do anything that a guy can and not only scores the final goal to win the game against Cornwall but also wins over my stingy brothers.

Everything about the cover of the movie screams chick flick (and who said that is a bad thing?) so just by the appearance of the movie it is already going to have big audience- young teenage girls who may or may not have a love life of their own. So I am here to tell you that this movie isn’t another gushy love story but instead it has a message, and not the message you might guess: “Girls rule while boys drool”. The message is inspiring and provided a new insight on Holly-Woods perspective on guys (at least it did that for me anyway).

So I mentioned inspiration, right? Well I didn’t mean the kind that gets your wet and you think to yourself: “Wow now I’m gonna go change the world!” Nope, not quite, rather it’s the inspiring thought that hard work does pays off in the end. No one wants to a watch a movie where the main character doesn’t succeed in his or her endeavors (unless you’re evil). You may have thought: “Man! You just ruined the surprise of the movie!” Well, let me clue you in on most chick flicks, they don’t have an element of surprise in them! It isn’t the point of the movie to get your heart racing.

What will win the hearts of our beloved male friends is definitely Amanda Bynes’s wit and charm in the movie (not to mention they’ll love the other characters too). She wasn’t just another hopeless girl in love with a boy who didn’t even know she existed (which isn’t totally off in this movie, but it wasn’t the main plot). Her personality is a reflection of a girl who wasn’t caught in the middle of trying...
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