What Does Theatre Mean to Me

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Being an FSB student it is compulsory for me to choose any global course every trimester. Even in the second trimester, I had an option of choosing theatre as my global course. But since only limited students could enroll on first come first serve basis I did not get to take theatre as my global course. In this trimester, the moment I came up with the course “theatre” in the global course list I was enthralled and decided to enroll for this course. It was my luck or I would say a second chance which was standing just for me. I was overwhelmed to learn an art form that could bring out an actor in me. It was a golden opportunity to learn something unusual and I dint want to lose it. So I decided to enroll for this global course. Theatre might mean different to different people. For few people it might be special because of communal experience and for others it might be because it connects human.

In my opinion, acting in a theatre is an imagination game and I love that. I love the whole process of putting on an act that may seem so real and captive. Theatre is a way of learning more about humanity. Theatre takes our attention; it allows us to connect to everything. We connect to our character, become another person and have different experiences. We connect to ourselves by bringing our own emotions in to our work. And we also connect with others by having a good working and personal relationship with the other characters on stage and behind the scenes. This is what makes theatre unique and this is the one thing that will never change, even as the world around changes. Theater is a place for people and art. I always feel welcome when I walk into a theater, whether it is mine or someone else’s. While performing we can bring out the lines said alive where the actors take us into the story where we find ourselves weeping or laughing. It exists in living in a moment. It is always about being present. That is the power of a genuine...
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