What Does the Text Reveal About Issues of Language and Gender? You Should Refer to the Text and to Relevant Ideas from Language Study. in Your Answer You May Wish to Comment on Some of the Following: • the Ways in Which

Topics: Gender, Female, Woman Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: October 16, 2011
Text C is part of a guide which is intended to inform the reader about how people in the workplace should act appropriately, particularly in terms of how members of the opposite sex should talk to each other. The text also reveals some issues concerning both language and gender; these are going to be explored. The first thing to be considered is the graphology of the text. The police force’s logo being displayed on the right side of the page makes it seem to be of less importance, while increasing the status of the image which is located at the top left of the page. It shows two police offers, one male and one female, both conversing with what appears to be a member of the public; they all seem to be laughing and enjoying themselves, which is the police force’s way of presenting themselves as being friendly and community spirited. The fact that a female police offer is used in this image also suggests that they want to appear to be seen to be fair and to offer equal opportunities for both genders; this raises the issue of equality in employment, primarily in the police force. It is only recently (ie over the last two decades) that women have begun to see equal treatment to their male counterparts in the workplace, and it is still argued that this is not yet the case in many areas. Also linking in with graphology is the sidebar to the right, which lists the different areas of the ‘Appropriate Language Guide’, and ‘Gender’ being listed at the top suggests that it is the most important issue that the police force wants to be seen to be dealing with. The title of the ‘Gender’ section of the guide is ‘Devaluing expressions’, which suggests that there is an awareness of the issue, and so they are trying to solve it by ‘devaluing’, or lowering the value of the expressions which are used. Towards the beginning of the main body of text, it says that within the workplace, ‘terms such as “boys” and “girls” are commonplace’, with the ‘Lothian and Borders Police’ being no...
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