What Does the Impact of a Volcanic Eruption in an Ledc Differ from and Medc

Topics: Volcano, United States, Developed country Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: October 24, 2010
A MEDC is a more economically developed country. It has the money to spend on improving the country’s establishment and therefore it is more likely to have the resources and technology to help decrease the damage from a volcanic eruption. Using the technology, they can also predict when a volcano is probably going to erupt. In a MEDC, the people are more educated and know what to do in a situation like a volcanic eruption. They are aware of how they are supposed to deal with it and protect themselves and others. They are also able to evacuate populations if they need. A LEDC is a less economically developed country. It does not have enough money to spend on the protection of the country and its people from a volcanic eruption. They do not have advanced technology or resources like MEDCs so they cannot predict when a volcano is going to erupt. Population may not be well educated about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption. Evacuation and other emergency plans can be hard during an eruption because of the limited resources and money. Construction standards are usually poor and so chances for the buildings and homes to suffer is a lot when a volcanic eruption occurs. After an eruption, the MEDCs are usually quick in clearing up all the ash and rebuilding homes for the people, whereas, for the LEDCs it can be difficult and may take a long time. WHY MAY THIS NOT ALWAYS BE SO?

Taking an example of Mt. St. Helens in USA (MEDC) and Merapi Volcano in Indonesia (LEDC), have shown almost similar responses and effects. Both the eruptions killed over 60 people and had a large area around it damaged and covered with ash. Although the LEDCs do not have as many resources as the MEDCs, there is still a chance of a volcanic eruption causing more damage in a MEDC than in a LEDC.
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