What Does It Mean to Be a Human Being

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  • Published: April 10, 2006
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I have never pondered on such a question that reflects the whole human race and what it means to be a human being. What it means to be a human being is not just having a face, eyes, heart, or being able to drive a car, or to own a house. Being a human being is much more than that, deeper and more passionate. Being a human being is to have the ability to know what is right and wrong, having rational thought and to think deeply beyond the tangible things in the world, and being a human being is to find love. Yet as I think deeply into this more and more, I see that those things are not as important to be a human being, simply because you can live without those things; but to really live and thrive and build a race and society, being a human being is to have the ability to build relationships around anyone and everyone around us. What it means to be a human being is to have relationships.

Many people may argue with this person's opinion on the meaning of being a human being, but this is an opinion that should be taken into consideration. As all humans know, what makes us unique from animals is our ability to drive cars, create masterpieces of art, build cathedrals, and invent things no one would think of. However, those are only the tangible aspects of being a human being. If we all think carefully, and work out many other aspects to what makes us human, we should find that all other answers inadequate. What makes us truly unique and great is our ability to create relationships and connections; this is what allows us to grow and expand our horizons, to thrive and accomplish many things, and to be closer to our species in order to be successful, this is the most important thing that makes us who we are.

If we are to be compared to animals, such as apes, we see that they have relationships upon each other as well. Although apes and other animals share the same distinct trait of building relationships, it is not to the extent of what humans do. For example, the...
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