What Does It Mean to Be Educated

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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4Robyn McKinney
Professor Dr. Cindy Rossi
Eng 106
What does it mean to be educated?
Education has become an important part of everyday life as means to teach knowledge and get students for their life after school out in the “Real world”. And yet, a question that has brought a ton of controversy is “what does it mean to be Educated and who decides”. Is it right to claim that today’s education system has been influenced by teachers and a series of hand selected published textbooks. Today’s education system has been reduced to teachers assume the position of holders of knowledge and who are supposed to then transfers said knowledge to students. Paul Friere (1993) in his article “the banking concept of education” has demonstrated this aspect in the current education system. Students are made submissive and are supposed to accept without question everything that is thrown at them by their teacher. Friere (4) describe the current education system as a bank deposit where the teacher is the depositor and the students the depositories. The modern day educational system forgets that perhaps the teacher can learn anything from the student. Today’s educational system is also influenced by a series of textbook/study books that are brought into the system purely because of the syllabus. These textbooks determine what the students should learn about the particular topic and the students have no right to question the book or books. James Loewen (1996) in his article “Everything your American Textbook got wrong” describes how history textbooks have influenced the understanding and perception of the history subject among the American students. The textbooks have served to make the education system an even more one way process where information goes from the textbook to the students. This is where the teachers and the textbooks have the same harsh tone that make students submissive, therefor does not occur to them to question the textbooks or teacher (9). How information...
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