What Does Genesis 1 Say About the World

Topics: Tower of Babel, Cain and Abel, Book of Genesis Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: February 21, 2013
The first eleven chapters of Genesis start with the creation of the universe and man through the progression of man and ultimately the dispersal of man across the earth. Throughout the stories there is a repetitive theme about man and that is that man is wicked. After the fall of man from eating the apple from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad (Genesis 3) one of the first acts of wickedness that occurs is the slaying of one’s own brother because of jealousy (Genesis 4). Finally, this continues until in Genesis 11 the men of the earth attempt to challenge God by constructing a tower with the consequence being that God confuses them by making them speak different languages and spreads them across the earth. A repetitive pattern within the theme of the inherent wickedness of man is that men hold themselves in higher esteem than they should and the consequence greatly brings down. From these stories one can make similar connections to the world of today and learn from the mistakes made by these men within these stories.

If there is one thing that one should be able to take away from these stories presented to us is that that we are not superior beings in any way, despite how great our accomplishments might seem. Lack of humility and respect towards one another were major contributing factors that led to the continued fall of man after he was cast out from the garden. Technology and medicine have improved greatly within the past few centuries, but our own wickedness has yet to be curbed aside. Men and women find new ways to bring each other down through improved weapons of war and socially through various forms of media available. Of technology, social media through the use of the Internet gave us the ability to be connected with other people across the earth. In principle, it is a remarkable advancement and the potential for good almost limitless through the free exchange of thought and expression. However, we, in an ever-fulfilling self-prophecy, have taken a...
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