What Does Christianity Effect on Western Culture?

Names and titles of Jesus in the New Testament , Sin , Eternal life (Christianity)

What Does Christianity Effect On Western Culture?

Christianity, which religion includes the largest numbers of people in the world, is originated from East while lots of people think it is just a big part of western culture. Every phase of man's life is touched by this religion, so much so that it has become part and parcel of Western culture. There is no doubt that Christianity influences Western Culture more than any other culture. It says that if people do not know about Christianity, they wouldn't know Western Culture.

1. Holy Bible
Bible, which is the basic scriptures of Christianity, is the best book, which influences western literature, outlook on life and value of people. It is a collection of religious writings comprising two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is about God, history and the oath between God and men, which was written in Hebrew. The New Testament is about Jesus Christ and doctrine of Him, which was written in Greek. The word "Testament" means " agreement ". Even till now, Bible is the most popular book from the beginning. In the history of human beings, there is no more book can ever compare with Bible that can influence mankind so much. Bible tells us that God created the universe, sun, earth, moon, stars, animals, and human. Adam and Eve, the first man and the first women in the world ate the fruit, which was forbidden. Human have deficits to God's glory. God drove them our of Eden. They started their hard life. During these times, the first murder happened. Lots of bad things occur afterworlds. God wanted to destroy everything, but Noah was a follower, God asked him to make an ark. And he lived. We are all sinners. It is not because we kill somebody or break the law but it is something from origin. Death is the punishment of our sins. Only if we believe the name of the son of God-Jesus who died for all human on the cross, we can have eternal life. This is the only way to lead us to Heaven, or we...
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