What Does Being Poor Mean to You

Topics: Poverty, Girl, Planned economy Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: December 20, 2012
What does being poor mean to you?
A family or person is considered to be poor based on the standards by the country that he lives in. A man might think of himself as poor if he is without the things he feels he needs to survive. A person who continuously doesn’t have food to eat or is homeless would be someone others would view as being poor. Someone could be observed as a poor person if he smells bad or has bad hygiene. As far as I’m concerned, these all are material poverty. Material poverty is terrible while the spiritual poverty is the worst. Material poverty is a horror. But as long as you are highly motivated, hardworking and dedication to study and ask questions, you can get rich. Above all, those who suit their actions to the times are wise. It is sagacious to be smooth and slick in establishing social relations. That means material poverty can be avoided. However, those who are poor materially always idle about and eat their own flesh. They not only live in material poverty but also live in the spiritual poverty. Spiritual poverty means the fading of ideal and faith and an inner void. Who suffer it will stop trying to make any further improvements only drifting with the current. Thus, poverty in spirit is not as easy as the material one. Walking from the planned economy to the market economy, nowadays in a world full of material desires, is there someone not eager to be rich? Wealthy itself is innocent; spiritual poverty is the ringleader. Here comes a case. An old woman fainted in the place of the road. Shortsighted people cannot see the distant place; farsighted people cannot see the near sight. We went a long way to find a man without eyesight problems to help the old woman up. Unfortunately, the family of the old woman accuses the man as the peace breaker asking for pension. The man was taken to court. In court, no one is willing to speak for him. How ridiculous it was! What a poor family! Here comes another case. A two-year-old girl had been...
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