What Do You Think About War and How Does It Effect Relationships? Explain How the Author Has Presented This in the Poem

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Marriage Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 28, 2013
What do you think about the affect war has on relationships and how does the Author present this in ‘The Manhunt’? The poem ‘The Manhunt’ by Simon Armitage is written from a wife’s perspective based on a true story about how she is trying to reconnect with her husband who has been away at war in Bosnia and returned a completely different person to the one who left her. She is still madly in love with him but soon realises that maybe he doesn’t feel the same way anymore. Throughout the poem the author explores the different aspects that the wife begins to struggle with as she starts to understand the mental and physical injuries that her husband has experienced whilst away. When the poet uses the phrase “after the first phase” this maybe suggests that this is only the start of a long process that is about to take place. However, one of the main parts of the poem that stood out for me was when the poet says ‘And climb the rungs of his broken ribs’ it presents how ribs lead to the heart, and the heart is linked to a human’s emotions and she feels very emotionally close to him. Also the ladder suggests the upwards struggle that she is going to face now with her husband the way he is, this injury has caused a physical pain for him and a mental pain for her. The imagery in this poem is relating to the human body, like broken ribs and punctured lungs; and the use of familiar objects to create metaphors, this creates a sense of brokenness and fragmentation to the wife which she begins to worry that this is what her relationship is going to be like in the future. The poet uses a recount style of writing which allows the wife to reflect on her relationship with her husband. To support this she speaks of “the frozen river that ran through his face” my interpretation of this line is that a frozen river still has water running beneath the surface so he has a lot going on under the surface of his skin but is very frozen on his outside. The use of metaphors is powerful and...
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