What Do You Think About the View That There Are No Women in the Great Gatsby with Whom the Reader Can Sympathise?

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Lauren Simpson
What do you think about the view that there are no women in the great Gatsby with whom the reader can sympathise?

The great Gatsby has a male theme running throughout, so the women who are presented in the novel come across as superficial and therefore I cannot sympathise with them.
Materialism in the novel is a recurring theme, the 1920’s brought about a change in the American dream. The move from the idea that people could become successful without having come from fortune and prosperity, to being about what you own which indicated your social status. myrtle Wilson demonstrated this idea of materialism, “at the news-stand she bought a copy of town tattle and a moving picture magazine, and in the station drug-store some cold cream and a small flask of perfume” “I want to get one of those dogs.” This involuntary spending of myrtle Wilson suggests that money is an item which gives you the social status the characters aspire to. This shows myrtle Wilson to be vein and therefore readers are unable to sympathise with her

Myrtle Wilson becomes tangled up in an affair with Tom Buchanan throughout the novel. The 1920’s was as a time in which family was seen as priority, the image of white picket fencing surrounding a family home indicated happiness therefore when we discover the affair we believe that myrtle Wilson is a bad character and therefore the reader finds it difficult to sympathise with her. Affairs again is a repeated theme shown by two sets of characters. Myrtle Wilson with tom buchanan but also Daisy buchanan and Gatsby.

In modern times as well as past periods, affairs are looked down upon as though you are a lower class in society. This hasn’t changed. Therefore when the affair between Daisy and Gatsby develops we lose respect for daisy as we see her as being provocative. Gatsby on the other had maintains his respect as he is the male and male generally don’t have as much shame placed upon them from an affair. Daisy begins to lose...
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