What Do the Interior Designers Do?

Topics: Color, Primary color, Color wheel Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Interior designers do more than just make residential and commercial spaces look good. They design functional spaces that fit the architecture and their clients' work and lifestyles. They must also work with a client's budget, preferences and any existing furnishings they want to keep. To make the proper recommendations, interior designers need more than creativity and good taste. They need the tools of their profession.

Drawing/CAD Tools
Drawing tools for sketching room designs and plans include a pencil, ruler, compass, protractor and graph paper. * Graphing paper
* Pencils
* Erasers
* Rulers
* Compasses
* Protractors

Computer-aided-design (CAD) software converts initial sketches and measurements into a 3-D plan for the designer and client.

Color Wheel
The color wheel demonstrates the relationships of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The wheel helps designers create pleasing color schemes based on a combination of complementary and analogous colors. * Primary - cannot be created by mixing any other colors

* Secondary - can be created by mixing two primary colors * Tertiary - can be created by mixing a primary color with a secondary color Color tools, such as a color wheel, paint swatches, fan decks and color files, can make choosing colors easier for designers.

Paint Chips
Paint manufacturers produce sets of paint chips or strips of colors for each of their lines. Interior designers use them to select room colors and coordinate paint colors with fabric, furniture and accessories. Fabric Samples

Like paint manufacturers, fabric makers provide designers with books and sample swatches to promote new product lines. The small swatches streamline fabric selection. These tools also assist the interior designer in developing a room's color palette. Measuring Tape

Interior designers rely on measuring tapes to verify and calculate dimensions of interior spaces and furnishings. Rigid tapes measure straight lengths...
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