What Do Christians Mean When They Say the Bible Is the Word of God

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  • Published : November 9, 2008
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To the Christians the Bible is not just any old book. The Bible is a book of great holiness, it dictates our lives to us and shows the path to heaven. Although different Christians, (Fundamentalists, Liberals and Conservatives), have different views on stories from the Bible but they still all agree on one thing. They all believe that God completely inspired the Bible. He was the one who filled the Apostles with the Holy Spirit to encourage them to write the Bible and to fill it with God’s word and the life of Jesus, so that we may live our lives knowing the path to follow to enter into Heaven.

Christians know that God encouraged the writers of the Bible to write the path that God wanted all of us to take. Christians know that the Bible includes everything we need to know about the life that we should be living. This is why Christians study it regularly as well as memorize it. They want to know about the lives they are living. They want to know as Christians if they’re living as God wants them to. Not only for themselves, but also for others, their family for instance. They will read the Bible stories, studying it for the right and the wrong things to do. Christians will look to it as guidance in times of doubt, not knowing what to do. They would look to it in times of grief or difficulty for reassurance or hope. Christians look at the Bible as a book of hope and guidance in life. Christians know that we need to fill our minds with every bit of information from the Bible to know how to face all the dangers and difficulties of life.

Some Christians even look towards the Bible as a new way of life. They use it as something to help them with their job. For instance people like firemen and doctors who will be saving and helping people nearly every day of their lives. They can look to it as hope and encouragement when in times of difficulty in their job. They know that they will find the right way to go after looking in the Bible.

Christians know that without...
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