What Did the Movie, “All Quiet on the Western Front”; Tell You About World War 1 and Warfare in General, Use Movie Examples.

Topics: World War I, World War II, Hillary Rodham Clinton Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: April 27, 2008

Gunshots and bombs blowing up all around you, blood and guts flying everywhere, as you dodge bullets, and listen to the low guttural sounds and high pitched screams of men dying all around you on both sides.

In the movie, I really learned about war and warfare. You really can’t understand just how heart wrenching and scary it can be while ducking bullets and watching your comrades die, unless you are there. Imagine this: you are sending off screaming bullets while dodging them. All of a sudden, you hear a thump as one of your fellow soldiers fall to the ground beside you, you’ve heard the words “retreat” many times now, but you can’t bear to leave him behind, after all he was your best friend. But as you go back to pick him up, a bullet catches you and next thing you know your on the ground beside him, but not dead just yet, you’re left alone to your thoughts and pain, until you pass out or pass away.

Another thing I learned while watching the movie is that war is not good for any country. World Wars not only drain countries in an emotional and population-ly sense, they drain them economically also. All of the countries food and money is going to the war effort, so you might die starving or fighting. This part is told by the 3 women who will do anything for food, including “reading the bible.” 

I also discovered that the people before and at the beginning of World War 1, did not think that war would be that bad. They each thought that their own country would win soon, and not many lives or supplies would be lost, this is suggested in the scene when the teacher is trying to get the young boys to join the war effort, but they never realize just how bad it is, and when the main character tries to explain it to them, they call him a coward.

But what I mainly learned from watching this movie is that a lot of lives are lost in the...
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