What Did the Habsburg Empire Do in Central Europe During the 16th Century?

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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What did the Habsburg Empire do in Central Europe during the 16th Century?

The Habsburg Empire during the 16th century in central Europe was a very important and influential act throughout Europe because they have mainly ruled many territories and had made a great success towards it. During the 16th century, the Habsburg Empire in central Europe was a ruler family of Austria, for many centuries they have ruled several lands of Europe, and had a numerous amount of superb leaders throughout the Empire. The Empire provided the dukes and archdukes of Austria and was ruled by the Austrian branch of the House of Habsburg from 1278 to 1780. While the Habsburgs were ruling other parts of Europe, the Holy Roman Empire, which took place in this act, was under the control of the Habsburgs. In the 16th century, there were many great and powerful leaders throughout the Empire such as Charles V.

The Habsburg Empire was a family who ruled Austria during the 16th century. It was amazingly ruled by the Austrian branch of the Habsburg and also included the dukes and archdukes of Austria. The Habsburgs were founded by Albert, Count Of Habsburg, in 1153. Not only were the emperors of the Habsburgs Austrian, but also were emperors of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438 to 1806. The imperial capital of the Empire was Vienna, except from 1583 to 1691; when it was moved to Prague. The “Habsburg Empire” also might refer to the extended Habsburg family possessions that were once ruled by the magnificent Charles V, who he was the Holy Roman Emperor. “By the sixteenth century, the imperial title was hereditary”, which was allowing the Habsburg dominion to expand over Europe, but not only through military conquest but through marriage. The Habsburg Empire had lots of things to do with marriage. Austria was a whole monarchy, which meant that the Habsburg dynasty included the Spanish branch. The dynasty first gained its power in the year, 1278 when Rudolf of Habsburg seized the Alpine dukes...
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