What Determines Culture? Discuss and Use Examples.

Topics: Sociology, Religion, Culture Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: January 29, 2011
What determines culture? Discuss and use examples.
Culture is the way of thinking and doing things that are passed on from one generation to another such as language, norms and values of society. It is the total pattern of human behavior which creates human beings and human societies. Culture is cumulative, by slow accumulation over many generations; culture is the product of human societies and of the individuals who compose them. Culture holds society together. It is the way of life that people in a society follow, which includes capabilities acquired by a human being as a member of society. Every culture is shared by a group of people. Depending on the region they live in, the climatic conditions they thrive in and their historical heritage, they form a set of values and beliefs. This set of their principles of life shapes their culture. No culture belongs to an individual. It is rather shared among many people of a certain part of the world. The language, the literature and the art forms pass across generations. The people and their pattern of life make up the culture of a region. Cultures vary in the different parts of the world. They are different across the land boundaries and the diversity in cultures results in the diversity in people around the world. Culture also consists of the system of beliefs held by the people of the region, their principles of life and their moral values. Culture includes the customary ways of behaving in everyday life, religious beliefs, moral standards, the way family life is organized, the methods used to provide food and shelter, language, government and forms of artistic expressions. For example European members of society consider it normal to look at another person directly in the eye; however, an n Asian visitor may see it as disrespectful.

A Latin American may come closer to speak to a person than what an Islamic is normally used to. In some cultures "yes" means, “I hear you” whilst in others it means, “I agree...
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