What Defines a Hero?

Topics: Jackie Robinson, African American, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 4 (1659 words) Published: April 28, 2013

A hero. Let me guess, you just thought of superman, batman or spider man. Sure, they are heroes. But they are not the only heroes. Many people cant see past that fog to the real heroes. Heroes are selfless. Every second of the day, people are out their risking their lives so that we can have a happy life. Soldiers are taking bullets and Firefighters are being burned to death saving us. Even your mom is a hero in some ways. Without her there might be no dinner on the table or clean clothes in your closet. You might even be a hero. When you walk down the street and see a beggar, most turn there noses and walk away. But some take the time and money to give one dollar to the poor man. One dollar. To you its just another thing of the past within 20 seconds, but to him it is a life saving meal to his starving son that gives him the strength to live just a little longer. Just because of one dollar. Heroes are not ordinary people, some may seem like it but they are not. To some of us a hero might be someone who saves a life or someone who helps someone in need. But to others it might be their mother or father, their aunt or uncle, or even grandparents. Everybody can be a hero. it’s a choice whether to be evil or to do good with your life instead of doing harm. We all adore our real life heroes; firemen, police, paramedics, nurses, etc and the many 'ordinary' people that go out of their way to save lives or help those in trouble, but what defines a 'hero' and what is it that makes one?

It was 1947, the war was over. America began turning back to baseball, as usual. Several of the league's top-flight stars had been sent off to war and were now returning triumphantly, ready to play ball. But a new wave of thinking was in the mind of Brooklyn Dodger general manager Branch Rickey, a man who changed, forever, the game of baseball. He felt that black men had fought, and in a big way had helped America's victory over Japan in World War II, so why couldn't...
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